Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hawking in Hungary

Abby Duvall, a falconer of Cornell who is currently working at the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, traveled to Hungary this past weekend to attend a meet and join up with my friend Dániel, a Hungarian falconer who is enjoying good success with his female golden eagle. I've been hawking in several European countries, but never Hungary. Abby is also a talented photographer and, clearly, she had a ball.

Eagle in pursuit of a roebuck . Photo by Abby Duvall
Young eagle and brown hare. Photo by Abby Duvall
A miss! Photo by Abby Duvall
Three happy falconers! Abby with Attila (left) and Dániel (center)
Handshakes all around - Dániel's female did well to catch the fox, it was a difficult slip!
Photo by Abby Duvall
Late night ceremony - with 19 hares, 17 pheasants and 1 fox, many of the hawks, falcons and eagles were successful. Photo by Abby Duvall
Typical eagle-on-kill pose. Photo by Abby Duvall
Thanks for the photos, Abby! If you have a hard time picturing what a roe flight in action may look like, this video (from December hawking in Austria) is one of my favorites:

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Retrieverman said...

Great photos!

I was looking into the phylogenetic tree of the deer family a few weeks ago.

I thought that both species of roe deer were most closely related to the white-tailed deer and mule deer genus.

They look like little white-tailed deer, so I thought they'd be closely related.

Well, they are, but the closest relatives of the two roe deer species are the Asian water deer, which retains the primitive tusks of the most ancient deer species. It is about the same size as a roe deer.

Then, the next closest relative to roe deer is the moose!

The moose!

I never would have expected it.

I'd like to see the eagle that carries off one of those.