Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Were it not for the chase...

Ah, it feels good to be back. So, what's a few years in the world of blogging? A lot has happened since my last post. There were foxes in Mongolia, hares in Scotland and deer in Slovakia. There were brilliant days in the field, with happy eagles and victory drams, and there were challenging days, with bruised egos and a few tears.  I made new friendships, strengthened old friendships, and fell out of touch with a few dear friends.

As I've long said, I'm working on a book about my experience living as a 'berkutchi'. What an easy thing that is to say! That phrase says nothing about the intensely emotional and personal process of putting pen to paper. Writing about one's own experiences is incredibly enlightening and addictive, but painful, and sometimes, the self-discovery makes me uneasy.

This will be a book on running away to the wilds of Mongolia. About living as a Kazakh nomad. A nomad whose only cares are the wild eagle she flies, the loyal horse she rides, the clever foxes she chases, and her comrades-in-arms. Living that life, I've never felt so free, so accomplished.

So here I am to put this into practice. No more excuses. Rebecca O'Connor's wonderful post on falconry, writing, and her dreams coming full circle has spurred me into action, particularly this link to Jim Butcher's advice to aspiring authors (a post in which I rather uncomfortably recognize myself). Well, dammit, I'm not going to kill this dream! This book is getting finished.

This blog is to keep me honest. A place for my thoughts to coalesce and, when the words won't come, a place to write on familiar topics for a like-minded community.  

While rooting around the library for old sources on falconry and coursing, I stumbled across this stunningly perfect quote:

"Were it not for the chase, there would be no pleasure."

(Which, I've learned, is appropriately written on the cover of the tome "Saluqi: Coursing Hound of the East".) It sums it up nicely. Whether in the immediacy of an eagle's flight, or running down a dream, there is indeed something about the chase. Now it is well underway!

Finally, Happy Carl Sagan Day! It's his birthday - he would have been 77 today. Here he is, famously explaining how to make an apple pie from scratch.


Ryan said...

Glad to see you're back at it :)

Mark Churchill said...

Welcome back! So happy to have fresh Lauren to read, at long last.

Rebecca K. O'Connor said...

So proud of you!! Fight the good fight and let me know if I can do anything at all for you. I suspect I have a very clear idea of what you are in for. :)

Lauren McGough said...

Thank you, guys! Onward and upward!